Ronald Junior McDonald

Ron Jnr McDonald


I have worked with Ron during all the years he worked for Tiger of Sweden, In his leadership as chief designer, Ron was clear about his ability to create a trend for our existing and new customers in an excellent way. being creative, commercial, and bold at the same time is one of many qualities Ron has, I have great respect for Ron's outstanding design qualities. It would be an honor to work with Ron again.
Robert Wilson
Sales Director, commercial product manager - Tiger of Sweden 2004 - 2019
Testimonial to Mr Ron aka Mr Sartorial

“I have co-worked with Ron for 6 years, as we were heading up each our Design department at Tiger of Sweden. In my role as Head of the Women's line, it has always been fun, inspirational and not least, a cool pleasure to work with Ron. With a strong knowledge and fundament of the men's sartorial world of tailoring, I truly admire Ron´s strong vision, passion and elevation off the TOS Men's ignature. - The elevation of a sharp tailored masculine silhouette - The eye for refined details - The development and innovation of fabrics and textiles We have had many great inspiration- and work trips around the world. And on an everyday basis discussing ideas in our office, in the creation of an aligned TOS signature. Brainstorming for the initial concepts and ideas until the finalization at sales meetings, shows and PR presentations. Always a great Scottish laugh, a glimpse in the eye and plenty of dedication!”
All the best.
Tine Grandahl
Head of Design - Tiger Women 2010 - 2016
Ron is a real design professional with a solid experience in contemporary mens tailoring. Someone who has the vision and skill to guide a brand and motivate a team.
Paul Thompson
Design & Creative direction - Blue Arms Consultancy
“Ron has been a big part of my professional life, and I am proud of the great things we achieved together. Weekly meetings, Sales Conferences, Factory visits and Fabric fairs... we always had a lot of fun no matter what we did, and for this I am grateful.“
Anna ritzen
Product manager - Tiger of Sweden
“I had the opportunity to work with a creative and professional person and I learned a lot from him. Above all, it was fun coming to work every day. I became very connected with his Scottish accent and the special humour that Scots have!"
Hila Brodie
Fashion designer - Tiger of Sweden
"When I worked with Ron, I learned a lot. I developed as a designer and pushed to be creative. It was never boring to come to work, and every working day was with humor, laughter, and fun. It has been a privilege to work. with a creative, fun, and professional person like Ron. ”
Lea Gadegaard Jørgensen
Designer - Bestseller