Ronald Junior McDonald


With 22 years in the fashion industry, including 15 years as a creative design director, I am currently exploring the exciting realm of Product and Service Design through Hyper Island’s design lead course.

Motivated by a passion for purposeful design endeavours, I’ve reflected on the fashion industry’s approach to environmental concerns and found an opportunity to develop genuine sustainability solutions. My journey encompasses professional diplomas in UX and UI design from the UX Design Institute online.

Engaged in the transformative experience at Hyper Island, I am dedicated to research and problem-solving, aiming to deliver solutions that elevate customer experiences and address environmental impacts. Beyond design, my interests include Service/Product challenges, watching football, playing acoustic guitar, sci-fi novels, the paranormal, and creating House music on my MPC One.

Within my portfolio’s “PAST LIVES” section, I showcase problem-solving approaches derived from my extensive fashion background, offering a distinctive fusion of design expertise and leadership skills. Eager to contribute to the tech community, I bring a diverse perspective and stand ready as a valuable asset for the right company.