Ronald Junior McDonald


Hyper Island - Design Lead


Diversity Impact Business & Human Value

As our world evolves, the significance of workplace diversity and representation becomes increasingly evident. This project delves into the profound implications they hold, shedding light on their strategic importance for global enterprises. Taking inspiration from the visionary Beatriz Ricci, we explore tangible benefits that extend to both businesses and individuals.

In the dynamic landscape of the modern workplace, the synergy of diversity and representation isn't merely a checkbox to tick—it's a powerful catalyst for substantial business growth and enhanced human value. This presentation uncovers the myriad ways in which fostering diversity contributes to the prosperity of companies and the holistic development of their workforce.

Reflecting on this journey through Hyper Island, I found great satisfaction in delving into this subject. It allowed me to build a more profound understanding of the importance of diverse teams in becoming more dynamic and creative. Moreover, it empowered me to develop a solution that emphasizes the pivotal role diversity plays for all businesses in the future.

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