Ronald Junior McDonald

Global Movements in Design

Hyper Island - Design Lead


The evolution of the design industry is intricately tied to various global factors, including market demand, technological advancements, consumer preferences, and economic conditions.

Digital platforms, user-friendly interfaces, and e-commerce have been key catalysts for innovation within the industry. Through thorough analysis of emerging technologies, market trends, and consumer behaviour, we have forecasted future outlooks on a global scale.

Our project has centered around three primary areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Product Design
  • User-centred Design

We have delved into the present and future impacts of emerging technologies and user preferences within these domains. Specifically, our exploration has encompassed:

  • Education
  • Environmental Design
  • Housing
  • Connectivity
  • Entertainment
  • Health

This endeavour has sparked a profound interest in conducting in-depth research and exploring future technologies further within my upcoming work. Despite the project's fast-paced Sprint nature, the experience has been nothing short of exhilarating.

Throughout the project, we have embraced experiential learning, fostered collaboration, and adopted innovative presentation methods. By leveraging our research findings and industry connections, we have strived to push the boundaries of traditional approaches.

In conclusion, our project has not only met its objectives but has also deepened our understanding of the complexities inherent in the design industry. Through collaborative inquiry and adaptability, we have successfully navigated dynamic landscapes and positioned ourselves for future endeavours.

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