Ronald Junior McDonald


Hyper Island - Design Lead


Experiencing Process Design and Leadership in Action

Embarking on this project proved to be an enriching journey, and a standout moment was the privilege of being guided by the remarkable Ruthie Zerai Semere, an industry leader whose inspiration knew no bounds. With a robust background in leading design teams within the fashion realm for 15 years, I couldn't help but wish I had encountered Ruthie's teachings much earlier in my career.

The aspect of conscious leadership within the course resonated deeply with me, prompting me to delve into the accompanying literature. Moreover, the exploration of embracing failure through an agile approach struck a chord. Having been entrenched in the world of fashion, where failure is often deemed unacceptable, this perspective was a transformative revelation. I am eager to incorporate both these invaluable concepts into my future professional endeavours.

A particularly memorable component of the project involved a workshop where we courageously showcased a failed presentation. The ensuing exercise in improvisation allowed the class to immerse themselves in the experience of failure, embracing it wholeheartedly and finding joy in the process. This workshop became a highlight in my career, offering a unique blend of teamwork and enjoyment that I had not previously encountered in any other project.

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